“Do what I really love is the way to design my future, have partners and share ideas are the line between conception and execution”

Luciana Maia is a Graphic & Motion Designer, V.A.N.H (@visualartistneedshelp) is her personal video project experiment. 

Hope we can work together!

A beautiful example of partnership. V.A.N.H & @bsayuri video experiment for Unintend.

Luciana Maia is a designer by academic education and also an artist by intuition and passion. She has lived and studied in one of the most unexplored areas of Brazil: The Pantanal and graduated from the Universidade Católica Dom Bosco.

After being granted a scholarship by IED Madrid she moved away from her country to take a Master Course in events management and production. 3 years previously she was director in the creative department of a small event agency with big clients in São Paulo . She now currently work as art director creating branding experiences to even more important which include Audi, San Miguel, Seagram’s Gin, Jameson, Pullmantur to name just a few.

She also dedicates herself to personal projects. In 2013, she participated in the Festival de Arte e Tecnología 4.0 (Art and Technology Festival) with the series of images named “Cabeças Móveis”. This is one of the most important academic events in the Mato Grosso do Sul region, and therefore pinpointing her as a professional of the arts, design, architecture and communication field.

Madrid - Spain